Gotta Keep it Fresh!

 Hope everyone likes the site refresh. This layout gives people some more things to explore such as the new press page and gallery page. Our new mini commercial is now live and will give people a better sense of what goes in to each and every product we make, Check it out on the homepage and below! This year we're going to add a bunch of great products to the lineup as well! In addition to our sleeves and bags we'd like to get some silkscreened shirts made and we are also working on a super secret, super functional keychain that is going to be awesome! 

 Also, We've restocked our colors and have some new additions to the family including: Black and Bright Blue for exterior colors and an awesome Golden Rod for interior suede and details!

 Our new small accessory bags are now available for purchase and everyone should order AT LEAST one because they are awesome, totally functional and have a million uses!

Posted on February 24, 2014 .