There are a million other cases and sleeves that I could buy, why should I buy RichWorks?

There are a few reasons why RichWorks is awesome: First, every product we make is made to order. This means we can take our time to make sure your product comes out great. Second, we make products for all types of devices. This way you don't have to own the device of the majority to get a great product. Third, buying from us means supporting the little guy in the industry. You're supporting some one who is doing this because they love it, not to make the most cash. Finally, If you support RichWorks, we will support you. Have a cool project you're working on and need help spreading the word? We'd love to help, just let us know!

To be honest with you, buying from RichWorks is an easy decision!

What if my device isn't listed in the product options?

While we list many of the most popular devices, we simply cannot list every device ever made. We can, however, make sleeves for most devices. If your device is not listed, please send us a message using the contact tab with your type of device. We will respond with an answer if we can make a sleeve for your device or not. ONLY SELECT THE OTHER TAB IN DEVICE OPTIONS IF YOU HAVE HEARD BACK FROM US THAT WE CAN PRODUCE YOUR SLEEVE. If you select the "other" device before contacting us your order will not be placed. If there is not an "other" option then we only make sleeve's for the devices listed.

How long will it take to construct my order?

Please allow a minimum 2-4 days for construction of your order. Keep in mind that we do not operate on the weekend. If you place an order on a friday, It may not ship until the following wednesday. 

Do you guarantee your products? 

We offer a full money back satisfaction guarantee with our products. We'll even cover return shipping. 

I love your brand so much, can you start making Back packs, belts, wallets, and packs for my dog? 

RickWorks has every intent to grow it's product line. We'd love to hear what you'd like us to make. Feel free to drop us a message with what you're looking for.

How much Paracord is in my sleeve, you know, for survival situations?

There is about 14-16 inches in phone sleeves, 20-30 inches in tablet sleeves and 30-45 inches in laptop sleeves. 

If I am local to central CT can I pick up my goods?

Yes, please choose the "local pick up" option for shipping.

I have another question not listed here. 

Please use the contact form to send us a message with any more questions you have!