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"You know that everything is hand-made when you have the option to change the smallest of details; from the interior microsuede, to the color of stitching used to hold everything together.  It really is a dream to know your notebook is held safe in something crafted with care and skill – and at $45 for a MacBook Pro sleeve, it’s luxury everyone can afford."

 "I have two sleeves designed by Evan Rich: the iPhone sleeve, and the MacBook Pro 15″ sleeve. The sleeves are made with 500D nylon and microsuede. They are beautifully constructed and fit each device like a glove. I tend not to use a case for my phone or laptop, so these sleeves are perfect for protecting the devices while they ride in my pocket or backpack. The design is super simple with an easy to use Paracord closure system. They are made to order in Bristol, CT, so customization is also possible."

"RichWorks is a carry brand brought to life this year, so it’s pretty damn fresh. They’re making some nice-looking sleeves for your phone/tablet/laptop. They aren’t groundbreaking in any sense, but they are simple, clean, attractive and they work. A lot of brands seem to overlook the simple options and create pieces with way too much happening. It’s just the opposite with RichWorks; you get a nice nylon sleeve that’s just a little different to the others out there, almost looks like you could sleep in one."

"These sleeves are hand sewn from colorful nylon and paracord and made to order by Rich Works founder Evan Rich. They’ll fit all manner of devices, too — officially, there are sleeves for specific phones, tablets and computers, but down-to-earth and accessible as this CEO is, he’ll work with customers to develop items for tech not listed on the site."